When you adopt a whale, you will receive a personalized … When you adopt Coral the whale, every adoption contributes to Whale and Dolphin Conservancy goals to ensure every whale is safe and free. Adoptions are also great activities for school classrooms. Click here to see the colorful and educational adoption … Is this donation a gift or in memory of someone special? adopt-a-dolphin kits make great gifts. When a dolphin needed help off the coast of Hawaii, he was determined to let a scuba instructor know. Keller Laros was leading a group of divers on a tour of the waters off of Kona, Hawaii, … NMFS LOC #18101. Please let us know. Groups as large as 140 to 160 have been seen near Hawaii … Adopt He'e Nalu today. Once you’re in the water, wait for the dolphins to approach you, since they may feel threatened by you moving towards them. Rough-toothed dolphins are generally found in tight-knit groups of 10 to 20 with seemingly strong social structure. If you are adopting a dolphin, please tell us which dolphin … $40 to Adopt a Dolphin for One Year $75 to Adopt a Dolphin for Two Years $250 to Adopt a Dolphin for Life Other Amount: _____ My Notes: Use this section for anything you'd like to tell us. Each adoption comes with a photo of your adopted turtle, an official Adoption … When you adopt an Orca or adopt a Humpback Whale you’ll learn about their migration patterns, ocean habitat, their size, diet, and even see their family tree! As an additional mahalo with your $750 donation, you will receive: the personalized story of your animal, map of available sightings, an adoption certificate, an ultra-soft plush dolphin, and a cinch bag; PLUS … Each Journey Bracelet ™ comes with its own turtle tracking card to track your Sea Turtle! This year-long, symbolic whale adoption supports our work to create a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free. For each minimum $50.00 tax-deductable adoption contribution you will receive: A personalized Adopt-a-Dolphin certificate with your name, the name of your adopted dolphin … Standard Adoption Package ($40) Receive a story of your marine animal, picture of your marine animal, a map of available sightings, and your Certificate of Adoption. Location: Hawaii. 12/27/2020Update Regarding COVID-19 and Oceanic Society Expeditions 12/10/2020Oceanic Society's Year 2020 In Review 12/6/2020Field Notes: The State of the World's Sea Turtles with Roderic Mast Adopt one for yourself or give one as a gift to someone you love. If you’re in a warm weather location, try purchasing a tour with a professional guide, such as Discovery Cove in Orlando or Dolphin Quest in Hawaii. Rough-toothed dolphins have large brains and are believed to be one of the most intelligent dolphin species. Gift adoptions are shipped to your destination of choice along with a card acknowledging your generous gift. You will learn all about your turtle; their name, habitat, size of their shell, how many eggs they have laid, and you can … For tips on how to adopt a dolphin… He'e Nalu is a bottlenose dolphin and was last seen in 2019.
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